What should I do before calling you?

It is never too early to call me.  I am happy to assist you early on even if you don't want to have your sale for a few months.

Items that appear as garbage to you may be items that have value, so it is best to not throw anything away.  Family members should remove or tag items that they are keeping so that I can understand exactly what will be for sale.

Once you start working on our sale, what will we be doing?

This is up to you.

Most sales I work on, the families don't live locally and aren't available to do much once we start.  This is fine.

Families that are local and want to be involved works also.  It can be as much or as little as you like.

What happens if you find money or family documents while working in my parents' home? 

We always have a jar where loose change is tossed in and dollars bills that we find.  If we find any currency of more than a few dollars, we photograph it in place, secure it, and contact the family.

All documents and photos found are collected in a box for the family.  If we run across something crucial (titles, wills, insurance policies) we will contact you right away.

What if we have firearms?

This is not a problem.  Both Judi and her husband, Shannon, have lifetime carry permits.  If you do not have a carry permit--Do not move the firearms from the home because the penalties can be harsh.  We can transport the firearms legally and Shannon will work with a network of gun buyers to get you legal purchase offers.

If you are not sure if the guns are loaded, please do not touch or move them.

Can you sell cars, boats, RVs?

Yes, we can.  If you are unsure of the functionality of the vehicles we can check each one and give you an approximate value.

How do you charge for your service?

We charge a commission on the sale of the home contents.  This commission is adjusted to reflect: Quantity and value of goods in home, location of home, and distance from our local area.

We do not charge extra fees for set up or tear down unless you choose to have us clean out non-saleable items from the house (like a room full of old newspapers, garage full of broken lawn mowers).

What happens to unsold items?

The client retains ownership of unsold items.  The client can choose one of 3 options:  We can leave leftovers for family to go through and disburse how they like.  We can pack up items for the family's choice of charity.  We can contact a 3rd party to do a buyout of the leftovers.

What are "Entry Numbers"?  Do I need one?

Entry numbers are necessary only if you are a buyer who wants to be one of the very first people in the door of the sale on the opening day.

If you are a casual shopper, just stop at the sale about 90 minutes after it starts and you should not need an entry number.

How do I get an Entry Number?

Most estate sales require that you arrive at the sale location, hours before it starts, and sign in on a numbered sheet which tells you your "spot" in the order of entry.

Depending on size of sale area in the home 25-35 people are normally allowed inside the house at one time.  As people pay for their purchases and leave, the next person enters the home.

In this area of Northeast Indiana, most sales will no longer have a line to enter after about 90 minutes.  So, if you don't like a line, just stop by after about 2 hours and you should walk right in.

At Estates by Judi you can get your number ONLINE. 

For instructions and to access the online request, use the 'Our Sales" tab to link to our sales on EstateSales.net and click on the sale you are interested in.  Instructions appear in the listing itself.

We still post a sign-up sheet at the sale location for those who decide to stop by at the last minute!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and credit or debit cards (MC VISA).

We do not accept checks.

Occasionally we are unable to process Credit cards due to the location of the sale not having good reception for our CC scanner.  If this is the case, we let you know in the sale ad.

Can I buy items that I see before the sale?

We normally do not allow presales of the items in our estate sales.

The only exceptions are for vehicles and larger items like pianos. I will indicate in the photo details if the item shown is available for purchase before the sale. These items may also be advertised on Craigslist or other places.

Are your prices negotiable?  Do you have a  half price day?

Yes and Yes.

You are always welcome to make an offer if you do not value an item the same as it is priced.  If we don't immediately accept your offer and you are agreeable, we can call you later if your offer ends up being the best offer we get.

On a 3 day sale, I normally operate like this: Day 1 is full price day (offers are still welcome), Day 2 is make a deal day and we are actively making and receiving offers and bundling items together for a better price, Day 3 is then 1/2 off lowest marked price with the afternoon turning into us making up boxfuls of items for 1 flat low price.

Remember that I work for the estate and I am being paid to get the best prices I can for the estate family.

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